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Los Canaleros accept fabricated a acceptable alpha to the ‘Hexagonal’, the final six-team condoning annular in the CONCACAF zone, from which three teams will authorize anon for Russia 2018 and a fourth will go avant-garde to an intercontinental play-off adjoin a aggregation from Asia.

“The acceptable alpha we’ve fabricated shows that we’ve been accomplishing things right, that the Fifa Coins apprenticeship agents accept brought through a new accumulation of players and accept accustomed them a lot of support,” said Henriquez. “We’ve got some absolute boxy amateur advancing up, but things will plan out for us if we stick calm and focus on what we wish and what we’re alive towards.”

Panama’s next bout just happens to be adjoin the Stars and Stripes. “I don’t see it as a animus match,” said the captivation midfielder. “When you lose a match, you try and accomplish up for it in the next. You just accept to accumulate on going. We accept to go out to win and we can’t anticipate about what happened a few years ago. If we do, afresh we’ll be authoritative a aberration and we’ll lose focus.


“We’re traveling to yield things one day at a time. The USA are one of the powerhouses in the zone, and we accept to be airy and focused because they can ambush on any aberration you make. There’s aswell the actuality that accomplishment consistently comes down to what you do in your home games.”

Describing himself as a battler, who consistently gives his all for his team, the accomplished Henriquez has alone one appetite in apperception at this moment in time: extensive the Apple Cup, a dream every amateur shares.

“This is the endure adventitious for this address to accompany a aureate end to an era in which we accept fought so hard. We’ve accustomed it everything,” he said. “Going to the FIFA 17 Apple Cup is the bigger dream there is and we all wish it.”

So what do Panama charge to do to accomplish it happen? “We accept to plan hard, be committed every individual day and get things right,” Henriquez said. “Sometimes, it’s added than just about arena the game. You accept to be a acceptable father, a acceptable acquaintance and a acceptable son too. All those things are capital to traveling out and assuming on the pitch.”