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Runescape The Mighty Fall

Bandos is dead, but his faithful are still itching for fight in The Mighty Fall: RuneScape’s latest Master-level quest.Survive the brutal Kyzaj Tournament, save the Dorgeshuun from certain doom, and give the lost followers of Bandos a renewed sense of purpose. First Blood General Graardor and a Buy Rs Gold band of his followers have come… (read more)

Runescape Dungeoneering Spotlight

As directed in a recent Power to the Players poll, we’ve brought you a big batch of Dungeoneering updates. A high-level resource dungeon, new gear and pets, Runescape Gold and additions to Sinkholes await you, plus loads of your most-requested tweaks and quality-of-life improvements. New Resource Dungeon South-west of the Fremennik camp on Daemonheim Peninsula is… (read more)

Runescape Mahjarrat Memories and Circus

Today’s update brings a bucketload of new RuneScape content, for lore-lovers, circus performers and interface wranglers alike. Mahjarrat Memories follows on from the Koschei’s Troubles miniquest, and lets high-level lore fiends seek out the secrets of Senntisten’s history. Our Ninja Team have been hard at work on the Cheap Runescape Gold  Circus D&D, making as many… (read more)

Invention Lore about RS GOLD

While not much information has been released about this subject, and for a good reason (hype for new content tends to boil down once someone at Jagex spills the beans), there are a few things to talk about this aspect of the skill. Invention can be considered as a technological revolution in Cheap Runescape Gold,… (read more)

Basic Facts of ws gold

Invention, originally called Inventor, will be the 27th skill of Runescape. Like all skills apart from Dungeoneering, its maximum level will be 99. Invention is the partner skill of Divination, which means that Divination, and divine energy in particular, will be relevant to Invention. Cheap Runescape Gold From what I have gathered, Invention uses the divine… (read more)

Runescape F2P Hiscores FAQ

Q: Will we get a way to “hide” ourselves on the HiScores, or keep the viewing as private/friends only (like in our Adventurer Logs)? Mod Rascasse: We have no plans to do this, the Hiscores are intended to be a table of all players who are active in RuneScape. Allowing players to hide themselves would… (read more)

RuneScape Road Trip – Starts May 1st

Get ready for a Runescape 3 Gold Road Trip! From 1st May 2014, 1am BST, you’ll have a whole month to complete 20 special tasks, earning XP aplenty, a hiker’s outfit and a cheeky monkey pet. Each weekend, there’ll be an awesome bonus event, giving increased XP, drops, minigame rewards and more – plus, there’ll be… (read more)

Runescape: Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen

Runescape: Montage errechnet Bild des durchschnittlichen Spielers Runescape-Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen, wie der durchschnittliche Spieler ihres Online-Rollenspiels aussieht – und griff dabei laut einem Artikel der pressetext Nachrichtenagentur zu einem ungewöhnlichen Mittel. Fotograf Chris Dorley-Brown hat eine Montage erstellt, die über 2.000 von ihm aufgenommene Einzelbilder britischer User kombiniert. Da männliche und weibliche Teilnehmer durcheinandergewürfelt… (read more)

My Technique to Train Thieving on Runescape

Thieving can be a certainly not hard skill to practice and level, the thing is you should pay more patience. Additionally it is a unique and members only skill on runescape, it enables you pick locks, loot chests and pyramids, steal from stalls, and even from certain people. On Farmer100, you will get some tricks… (read more)

Make the Best of Online shopping

Do you think you’re some type of wide web fanatic and are also purchasing something or another throughout the websites? If it is the truth, the most important thing for virtually any person would be the fifa 14 coin generator, that could provide you with so that you can getBuy Fifa Coins those hands on… (read more)