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C Runescape F2P Hiscores FAQ

Q: Will we obtain a solution to “hide” ourselves for the HiScores, or maintain your viewing as private/friends only (like with our Adventurer Logs)? Mod Rascasse: We have no promises to accomplish this, the Hiscores usually are meant to be described as a table of players that are active in RuneScape. Allowing players to hide… (read more)

Runescape Player tips for you

Capacity towards the gamers will be based upon passage the reins and providing you plan the direction from the game. E.g. taking your notions and suggestions, polling them and putting them in the game! Right here is the plan is always to to discharge player suggestion poll, dedicated solely as part of your ideas. You… (read more)

C RuneScape Excursion – Starts May 1st

Heart warming a RuneScape Journey! From 1st May 2014, 1am BST, you’ll have a whole month to do 20 special tasks, earning XP aplenty, a hiker’s outfit including a cheeky monkey pet. Each weekend, there’ll be an incredible bonus event, giving increased XP, drops, minigame rewards plus more – plus, there’ll be plenty of fun… (read more)

C Runescape pact notes

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. Once you believe an improvement wasn’t documented, either in the patch notes or perhaps the news posts on this week’s update, please detail the progres in order that it might be added. As always, be sure to submit a bug report in the event you encounter… (read more)

Runescape: Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen

Runescape: Montage errechnet Bild des durchschnittlichen Spielers Runescape-Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen, wie der durchschnittliche Spieler ihres Online-Rollenspiels aussieht – und griff dabei laut einem Artikel der pressetext Nachrichtenagentur zu einem ungew?hnlichen Mittel. Fotograf Chris Dorley-Brown hat eine Montage erstellt, die über 2.000 von ihm aufgenommene Einzelbilder britischer User kombiniert. Da m?nnliche und weibliche Teilnehmer durcheinandergewürfelt… (read more)

B RuneScape seems to are suffering from a remedy

Gold farming can be a pervasive plague during the entire globe of free-to-play MMOs, however RuneScape generally seems to possess created a cure. Jagex has proclaimed which the recent introduction of Bonds (an in-game item that will buy account-related and out-of-game benefits) has nearly eradicated gold farming from the game, reducing it by eighty one… (read more)

B RuneScape 3 Popping start achievable era

RuneScape 3 is available and since many gamers has been paid to all these new content update brings. The latest quest has additionally recently appeared along with the world event has now been occurring awhile. Time for it to attend a conversation with all the team behind this great game. We spoke with Dean Ollive,… (read more)

B The Runescape brilliant

Long, long ago, in the mists of your time, the Runescape hiscore table was an area wherever most effective players competed daily for your highest spot. Then someday the leading player reached 200M, which race terminated. Nowadays, despite however onerous currently employed, you’re ne’er reaching to find out that prestigious rank one caused by another(a)… (read more)

RuneScapes lore podcast

From the latest over the original knowledge podcast, Mod John James Osborne ANd Mod Raven chat regarding ceremony of Passage: an forthcoming RuneScape quest that’ll take someone to the aviansie homeworld!Keep au courant every one of the newest RuneScape lore news by subscribing to our podcasts. fly up to Podbean, or thusar to iTunes in… (read more)