A Runescape Legacy mode is a waste

I anticipate much hate for this, so twenty-four hours a day vent generate an income am kid and mad if you think the need to. Otherwise, boot some valid points to ensure that we might discuss this.

I can’t see Legacy Mode getting work done in the end. It is a short term solution disguised to be a permanent fix towards loss of players/ resentment towards Jagex. Reading the forums, global all of us have some beef with everything.

Without putting much biased I’ll explain things i foresee. Legacy Mode is expenditure extra resources and time that could’ve been spent in developing future content. Cheap Runescape Gold What goodwill come of Legacy Mode? It wouldn’t contend with EoC regarding PvP or PvM. It’s only purpose is usually to serve a share on the community, a lot like Old School RuneScape.

It’s messy, how well can two different varieties of combat work? In fact, it would are simpler to just design a Legacy Mode minigame, where players can enter an instanced location, like Fugitive hunter.

Jagex have been flip flopping with a great deal of major decisions and inconsistency just isn’t something town enjoys. I’m sure all of us can say that your collective mass just hates change.

Sure, it is possible to argue that the EoC differ from before is what made “thousands” of runescape players quit. You’re correct (although numbers I’m undecided about) i was one who quit as a result of it. I go back recently and possess grown familiar with Runescape EoC to see the way is superior gameplay. What exactly are your opinions?

see that’s how you will elaborate an area. But also for every response it has an initial reaction right? However your point has truth. Reacting, town would’ve continued the way it may be no matter what Legacy’s release. I do think the action has to release more end-of-game content, more activities which can be fun and not a grindfest, so as to maintain player satisfaction. Not nostalgia catering. From a young notion, have you thought to have instanced minigames that permit Legacy Mode? I highly doubt players will use Legacy Cheap Runescape Gold Way of bosses when EoC results in easier, faster kills.