Al Kharid and Hassan in conversation

Now this task is a new task Stolen Hearts instead,this informative article as a souvenir. Stolen Hearts will launch in 2012 eleven long.Requirement: 7 wool ball ball of wool, 2 onion, ash, flour, 2 buckets or even a small pot of water, red berry red berries pink skirt, a pink skirt, a piece of soft clay (soft clay), a copper block bronze bar, 3 bottles of beer, beer and in all likelihood 50gp fare.Inside the Warrior Castle and Hassan Warrior Castle conversation palace, perfectly located at the Al Kharid. according to him he needs help.Cheap Rs Gold You are able to consult Osman, he will inform you the main points. The Osman usually nearby the castle, the Northwest side. Whenever you talk with Osman.

Later, you will know the prince Ali is Mrs.Keli captured, he explained which the want to make a plan to avoid wasting him.Osman says you will need to stop Mrs. Keli and tie her up, so that you can squeeze prince dressed as her escape to achieve this plan would require: a pink skirt, a blonde wig, and her skin paste Paste. He was quoted saying his daughter Leela may be able to enable you to, she usually located near Draynor Village village, Mai
Alongside the land. Leela will show you will get dressed by where props. She also declared that you will need to open the entranceway.The important thing, and you must make an effort to stop the guard, in order that yet not stop you in order to save the prince. In Draynor Village village, you will discover a witch named Aggie. She knows how to do hair dyes.

Your skin with the paste, asked her to do some yellow dye for your hair. She says she needs 2 onion and 5gp runescape gold. Rimmington north can buy onion, maybe in the northwest of Lumbridge, may also be found close to the windmill.Following witch can produce a yellow dye available for you with one of these materials. First, require a section of clay, water and clay for making clay into soft clay. Clay in Varrock west south, southeast side.

Have (Tin and Copper is dig place). With soft clay on the prison, prison is situated in the village of Draynor Village.The market industry bank, East, conversing with Mrs.
Choose anybody from the dialogue, in addition to the Katrine. Ask her plan, test she asked if she was sure they can not.The prince escaped from prison. Ask her regarding the main thing, then asked if she forces you to see. You might automatically use soft clay to create a key model.

Using this key model and also a copper brick to 07 Runescape Gold Osman he’ll do you a copper key in your case, and talk to Leela, she’ll supply you with the keys.Prison a person named Joe guard is really a trouble. After talking with Joe, was informed that she likes to drink. Then talk with Leela.3 bottles of beer, she thinks he needs to be drunk. You can aquire a beer in the Port Sarim, or perhaps in the Barbarian Village table with.

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