A:The upcoming runescape skill could well be called Invention

On Saturday the other of November 2013 at RuneFest 3, Mod Mark announced the name of the 27th runescape skill. The upcoming skill could be called Invention. From everything you learned of the skill, it’ll involves exploring new functions for divine energy, and will allow us create new weapons and armour like never witnessed before. Invention were truly unique in comparison with one other skills, which definitely made players interested as a result.

However, since its announcement, products have gone south those of you that anticipated the newest skill to leave out ASAP. Invention’s release priority was the key topics the 1st 07 Runescape Gold¬†Dragonstone-tier poll in 2014, and Invention lost the poll against Prifddinas, the Elven City. This resulted in the skill was postponed to ”Late 2014” but from the looks from using it, Invention will more probable launch in 2015, considering that the skills development hasn’t even started yet, and yes it seems there has been done nothing past concept stage.

However, its still unknown on the majority people might know about could possibly do with Invention. Simply what does exactly Invention contains? Within this thread, I’m going into detail Cheap Rs Gold¬†on everything we realize of Invention, based on information J-Mods have inclined to us.