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Invention, originally called Inventor, will be the 27th skill of Runescape. Like all skills apart from Dungeoneering, its maximum level will be 99. Invention is the partner skill of Divination, which means that Divination, and divine energy in particular, will be relevant to Invention. Cheap Runescape Gold From what I have gathered, Invention uses the divine energy of Guthix obtained through Divination to combine them with existing technologies already seen in the game, such as the machines of the Elemental Workshop, the Dorgeshuun electricity, Player-owned House clockworks or Dwarven steam and combustion technology. Invention will allow us to upgrade, modify and enchant weapons and skilling tools to our liking, and create new weapons, items and devices for us to utilize in multiple skills. One of the most important aspects of Invention is the possibility of experimentation and creating unique equipment that changes dependent on the way we make and use it.

Just like Divination is a support skill of the gathering skills, Invention can be considered as a support skill of the production skills (Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, Cooking, Firemaking and Herblore). As said by the J-Mods, ”it can smith, it can construct, it can cook, it can craft.”

Invention and Divination are ”designed to suit the old-school, yet complement the entire game” since they are modeled ”on some of our oldest and dearest content.” Whether this means Invention will be a grindfest or it suits the tastes of the veteran players is unknown. However, design-wise Invention is intended to be a very experimental skill, and is definitely a change from what the current skills offer. 2007 Rs Gold Mod Moltare hopes that Invention will ”offer a skill whose training methods are entertaining, whose rewards are useful and whose basis is in the world of Runescape advances the story of both the setting and of the factions who use it.”