Need extra piece or two to complete the Blacksmith’s

Need extra piece or two to complete the Blacksmith’s outfit? Missing a number of the Diviner’s outfit? Complete your collection soon on Treasure Hunter from Wednesday the 26th of March, 00:00 GMT, the skill outfit bonanza returns!

Wearing each section of an art outfit grants you 1% increase to XP gain while training its associated skill. Wear all five parts knowing that increases to 6%! Usually rare on Treasure Runescape Gold  Hunter, your chances of bagging an art outfit are massively boosted now!

Here’s the outfits you’ll be able to win during on a daily basis inside the promotion:
Wednesday 26th: Diviner (Divination)
Thursday 27th: Botanist (Herblore) and Sous Chef (Cooking)
Friday 28th: Blacksmith (Smithing) and Artisan (Crafting)
Saturday 29th: First Age (Prayer) and Shaman (Summoning)
Sunday 30th and Monday 31st: All seven outfits!

Unlock the chests of Treasure Hunter between Wednesday 26th March 00:00 GMT and Monday 31st March 23:59 GMT for top level potential for winning these seven skill outfits. Get help07 Rs Gold converting this within your civil time.