FFXIV Crystal Tower raid series Guide:Syrcus Tower

Crystal Tower: Syrcus Tower are the second component of the Crystal Tower raid series in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.3 that really needs the very first part of the tower. The raid is intended for 8 members inside alliance and it is ideal for casual play, meaning it isn’t really difficult content. But  Runescape 3 Gold you do really would require much time time queue up to partake of!

ffxiv crystal tower

The raid can be found within Mor Dhona in fact it is accessible upon completion the quest “For Prosperity”, that is inclined to your account as soon as you complete the Labyrinth of the Ancients raid quest. You could then accept the quest “Syrcus Tower”, that is certainly given by Rammbroes in Mor Dhona.Now, let’s start rock the activity!

First Boss: Scylla
Scylla has fours balls that is Elemental Balls,Lightning Balls,Ice Balls, Flame Balls, you guys really should be careful in order to avoid these balls.The Ice,Flame and Lighting Balls will target and continue with the players, and it’ll release DEBUFF. For anyone who is hit using the balls, it could be hardly to bodge, so that you need run across to the green circle in your community to settle the buff. This is unavoidable and should not be stopped. Whatever you can and definately will do would be to make sure people you manage aren’t caught within the freeze. Should you be hit through the Flame Ball, just come upon the Ice circle.

Moreover that Boss would cast the Daybreak to petrify everyone in seconds. Each must stack having a small platform energized while using the lightning orbs, which raises a shield that blocks the Daybreak cast. Then, the Healer require the most reliable to compliment allies from the maturity

Second Boss: Glasya Labolas
Actually, this Boss didn’t has amazing skills. You will learn the battlefield may be a mess, the bombs in all of the places. The Tank should pull Glasya in the heart of the placement. While, the DPS and Healer need to make out the tiny shaded area near the add and intercept the street.Through the later, Glasya will activate several hitherto dormant teleportation pads within the central platform, in case you are still in the central platform will die. You will be launched to a outer platform is determined by the catapult.

Third Boss: Amon
This Boss is interesting, it’d change anyone to become a Buy Cheap RS Gold frog randomly. Everyone should take notice for your skill of Bow, when Amon is casting this ability, you must hide behind the ice blocks which is just like the meteor form King Behemoth.

Ultimate Boss: Xande
This big boss has close combat skill, the Melee classes and Tank know about avoid.But if your Boss fly towards area, there are many golden orbs employing a small golden radius around them. You could have about 10-a few moments before they detonate, to ensure the raid really should be fairly well spread till this. They explode and deal about 500 damage per explosion or even neutralized, and since he spawns in relation to dozen simultaneously, it becomes an excellent strategy to lose a chunk of this raid if nobody is focusing.