FFXIV Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Guide

Dzemael Darkhold is really a level 44-46 instance perfectly found on the Coerthas Highlands. It can be unlocked in multiple ways, both by quest givers within the Coerthas Highlands, and with the Grand Companies. It isn’t a component of the main plot. Players level 47 and above is going to be synced to level 46 for the duration of the dungeon.

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This dungeon will contain a large number of “dark” Cheap Rs Gold type monsters, including floating eyes, undead, and similar creatures. However, inside initial pulls on the zone, the first boss will actually circle above the party without engaging. There will be various crystal formations the spot that the party will have the “Crystal Veil” buff, which prevents the boss from doing much damage. The boss can not be killed of these hallways, so parties should simply pay off the trash and get over it.

Boss Fights
ALL-SEEING EYE:This boss can be simply executed, or annoying with regards to the skill from the tank, and their perception at finding areas to create the boss vulnerable. As hinted within the hallways before this fight, the All-Seeing Eye is vulnerable when fought from the light with the crystal formations (that also weaken its damage abilities considerably). However, through the fight, the various formations will mislay their luster, and so the boss should be removed from formation to formation as being the fight Cheap Runescape Gold progresses.