FFXIV Endgame Leveling Guide

Make no mistake, end-game is aimed at challenging a more and more content and enjoying themselves while repeating this. Since you complete content you will gain better gear, which can be used to challenge even harder content. When the gear will not be adequate then you will battle with content, therefore it is essential that you not get much before yourself. As it can believe end-game is about gear, it is necessary is having fun. The various tools rewards you when choosing carry out the difficulties and gives you the a sense getting stronger as you beat higher challenges.

Endgame in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn currently begins at level 50. Cheap RS Gold Upon reaching this level it is best to brace oneself for end-game starting with completing your level 50 job pursuit for gain one last amount of AF armour. Then complete the leading scenario, which will take anyone to Castrum Meridianum combined with Praetorium.

You have your livelihood skills plus a basic number of equipment to start endgame with. You might want to have a look at your accessories and find level 50 ones for almost any which aren’t approximately standard, and it is worth getting hold of your level 50 Grand Company weapon since it will probably be your best weapon after all this.