FFXIV help guide Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn Ultima Weapon

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Ultima’s Bane is a hard trial in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In order to unltima weapon (hard), you should complete the best Ballad.


You have to have a look at Mor Dhona and initiate the quest. Which quest required the sunshine party with 8 players, including two Tanks, two Healers and four DPS classes. Cheap Rs Gold Each one of them must reach level 50 along with the average advanced of items reaches 61.Inside quest, you are not a allies must defeat the Ultima a fight of speed. The boss are able to dodge and coordination.

You’ll discover eight phases:
-Phase 1: Garuda
-Phase 2: Titan
-Phase 3: Ifrit
Phase transition
-Phase 4: Aetheric Boon
-Phase 5a: Magitek Bits 1
Phase 5b: Airship 1
-Phase 6: Aetheric Boon 2
-Phase 7a: Magitek Bits 2
Phase 7a: Magitek Bits 2
-Phase 8: Aetheric Boon 3

1.) When Tanks’ Debuff: Visous Aetheroplasm, they are able to instantly use MT and OT to improve with hatred. Otherwise, 5stacks shall be killed.
2.)You have to note the boss. In the event the explosion warming occurs, you along with the allies should respond and prevent immediately. It is recommended to to calculate the second explosions and evade in advance.
3.)To combat using the final Aetheric Boom, Aetheric Boom, OT rendezvous in mention of the his teammates immediately, using TANK LB3. Pay worry about the opportunity to use so long equally the BOSS finish reading. Whole body isn’t too large. LB duration is only 10 second. runescapegoldfast This glorious time ball is cast to your end of BUFF, or head over to naught.
4.)f your party doesn’t get rid of the ultima weapon, it could walk during arena.