FFXIV Level 47 Aurum Vale Dungeon guide:

The Aurum Vale can be a level 47-49 instance found in the Coerthas Central Highlands. It truly is unlocked by Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, and isn’t the principle main narrative. Level 50 players will likely be synced to level 49 throughout this dungeon.


Boss Fights
First, some text: different Marbol fruits that are located Runescape 3 Gold  regarding the room are of key importance with this particular fight. Everyone should position themselves near to some of those: the tank with all the one alongside the boss, plus the healer inside one right to the left from the entrance for the room. Inside the fight, the boss will cast an AoE debuff called Gold Lung Blast, inflicting Goldlung, that will tick for moderate damage for each stack acquired. This is not removed with Esuna. At 2 stacks, each player should eat the fruit; it is going to respawn on time to decide on up again later.

This fight is aggressive for healers, who’ll be pressed to keep everyone’s health as the debuff actually begins to stack, but otherwise there will never be major abilities to be aware of.

Coincounter has three melee abilities: 10-Tonze Swipe, that’s an instantaneous frontal cone; 100-Tonze Swipe, another frontal cone that will usually reduce a marine museum to half health, and another-shot healers and DPS; lastly 100-Tonze Swing, which hits with sufficient contentration it may well wipe earnings group. Stay behind the boss avoiding 10- and 100-tonze Sipes, and run from 100-Tonze Swing.

During the fight, Coincounter will repeatedly readily aggroCheap Runescape Gold  wipe which will erase his aggro table and cast purple electricity with the party. If it occurs, DPS must suppress hence the tank may get the boss in control.