Invention Lore about RS GOLD

While not much information has been released about this subject, and for a good reason (hype for new content tends to boil down once someone at Jagex spills the beans), there are a few things to talk about this aspect of the skill. Invention can be considered as a technological revolution in Cheap Runescape Gold, and similar to Divination, players are going to be the center of leading the charge into this new technical age, which will be about self-advancement and self-sufficiency. Invention will also be man’s new defense against the gods. It will allow players to stand up against the threat of the gods, and perhaps give them the opportunity to take the Runescape Gods out themselves. This skill would also have effects on not only NPCs, but in future quests and The Godless.

Because we are dealing with the raw energies that Guthix left behind, many people are going to be upset about the sacrilege of Invention. For example, seeing that the Fremennik people are already mad at the Lunar Clan and Wizards in general for making and using runes, think what will happen when we begin to twist the remnants of their god into a weapon. As another example, Icthlarin will be upset for us swallowing souls to upgrade their weapons.

Invention itself ties heavily around the story of the Godless. They are generally keen to discover any new way of gaining personal power, since they are weak at the moment, and with Invention we will be able to equip them eventually. We’ll be able to arm and equip them, and in the future they’ll be able to defend themselves or potentially help with taking out the Gods. However, it is not the plan to force us to ally with the Godless any more than with any other faction, which means if we choose to in the future content, we can backstab them 07 Rs Gold and use our knowledge we acquired from them to help the gods they are fighting against.