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Chile’s 1-1 draw with Australia on Sunday saw them beforehand to the semi-finals of the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017.

That is actually an achievement, one that play the game speaks volumes about La Roja. The address in which they anchored their last-four abode was aswell telling, however, with the Australians causing them a botheration or two and complete some ahead concealed weaknesses. Actuality are the abstracts we took abroad from the bout in Moscow.

That was the prevailing bulletin from Juan Pizzi and his players afterwards the 1-1 draw: they capital a abode in the endure four and they got it.

Tipped as favourites, La Roja downplayed that announcement and went about their football with a minimum of fuss, accomplishing their expectations and those of the pundits.

Pizzi put their misfiring accomplishment down to the burden that comes with advancing for a semi-final slot, and aswell accurate acclaim for their opponents: “They could calmly be a Apple Cup quarter-finals aggregation even admitting they’re not one of the acceptable powerhouses.”

“They battled for every brawl and chock-full us from arena our bold time and again,” explained Pizzi. “They cut off passes and won the 50-50 balls. It wasn’t an simple match.”

Quite afar from the fatigue that comes with consistently demography the bold to the opposition, Chile’s disability to acquisition amplitude – a article acute to their bold plan – can aswell be put down to Australia’s antagonistic approach. Pizzi’s players were consistently denied time on the ball, causing them to hit devious passes as they searched in arrogant for some rhythm.

“We just couldn’t get going,” accustomed Arturo Vidal. Such was Chile’s ache and the adequacy of the Socceroos top columnist that they struggled to play the brawl out, resorting to connected assurance on added than one occasion.

- Bravo returns: The goalkeeper played an important role. As able-bodied as authoritative a superb save from a one-on-one bearings in the aboriginal half, he was assured in the air and on the ground, arena the brawl out confidently with his feet, even if beneath burden from the Socceroo forwards. “I advised it like my aboriginal bout for Chile. I acquainted good,” said the skipper afterwards.

- Super sub: “I’ve consistently dreamed of scoring for the Cheap Fifa Coins civic side. I accomplishment it helps me to absorb added time on the pitch,” said 22-year-old Martin Rodriguez, who came on at the alpha of the additional bisected and denticulate his aboriginal appetite for his country on his sixth appearance. Typical of this Roja side, Rodriguez was not the alone sub to shine, with Paulo Diaz proving an able backup for Gary Medel in the defence.

- Perseverance: Even if things were not alive out for them, Pizzi’s players never gave up. There was no arguing a allotment of the players and no accident of composure. “We weren’t absolute aqueous at times, but we kept on angry and searching for the ball. Mentally, we’re befitting it together,” said Vidal.