Runescape Rejuvenating the Wilderness: More risk, more reward

A shudder lives in the Wilderness uncovering new treasures and prising open new dungeons. Warped creatures and long dead demons have appeared from hidden recesses attracted with the commitment of blood. Treasure hunters and adventurers attended seeking loot that’s beyond their imagination, and have absolutely fallen on the corruption of greed. The wilderness is still reborn…

The maximum update to ever hit Old School Runescape is here! An advanced PKer, boss hunter or skiller you can find fresh content by you the Wilderness. Could possibly whole host of updates including 6 new bosses, or a new resource area, plus new armour, weapons and many other await. Read on for only 07 Runescape Gold the full set of all the awesome updates.

New Bosses
Venenatis the spider, Vet’ion the skeletal champion and Callisto the bear have awoken seeking blood inside deep Wilderness. You only must bring friends to think about these bosses down with an chance for getting your hands on the fabled Dragon Pickaxe. The Dragon Pickaxe will mine ore at an increased speed (15% faster rather than rune pickaxe) also it possesses a special attack that could temporarily boost your mining level by 3. The King Black Dragon and Chaos Elemental have experienced their drop tables improved and both have a possibility of dropping the Dragon Pickaxe.

Should you’re brave enough to fight some bosses alone the Crazed Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic and Scorpia will probably be right encourage street. These single player bosses each drop a third of the shield which, when smithed within the Wilderness volcano, might be the Odium Ward or Malediction Rs 07 Gold Ward, ranged and mage specific shields.