RuneScape Road Trip – Starts May 1st

Heart warming a RuneScape Road Trip! From 1st May 2014, 1am BST, you will have a whole month to perform 20 special tasks, earning XP aplenty, a hiker’s outfit plus a cheeky monkey pet.

Each weekend, there’ll be an awesome bonus event, Cheap Runescape Gold¬†giving increased XP, drops, minigame rewards and much more – plus, there’ll be tons of fun stuff scheduled within the RuneScape community.

May’s a lot of fun as a RuneScape member. Read on for more information, or join then and speak to Challenge Mistress Fara.

Let’s Hit the Road

Head over to Burthorpe and talk to Challenge Mistress Fara, who’ll give you the run-down of the how a road trip’s about to work, and hand you your excursion journal. This lists 20 tasks, that you can complete one daily throughout May.

We know May’s a lively month for several of you, so we’ve made the RuneScape Excursion accessible and flexible – you’ll be able to have fun here, even though your time and energy is fixed. The tasks are varied, fun, and you can complete them in a different order you would like:

Complete a Dungeoneering floor.

Complete a Slayer assignment.

Complete a Treasure Trail.

Equip a complete outfit of cosmetic gear.

Perform a dance on every bridge over the River Lum.

Fletch 100 bows.

Smith 100 bars into anything.

They’re rewarding, too: you’ll get an XP lamp for each one you complete – usable inside the skill of your choosing. At 5, 10, 15 and 20 tasks complete, you’ll receive a piece of the cosmetic hiker’s outfit, at 20, you can also have the cheeky monkey pet. If you cannot ensure it is for 20 days, or if you will find there’s particular task you don’t such as the look of, help is accessible! Our friendly JMods will be in the experience during the entire month, and you will be able to stamp tasks in your journal, granting the completed 2007 Rs Gold¬†task and reward.