Saying the event will need to play FIFA

Congo coach Claude Le Roy said five of    Cheap FIFA Coins     party attending the tournament wouldn’t have accommodation.

He says the accommodation the majority of his team come in lacks running water and it has exposed electrical cables.

Burkina Faso coach Paul Put also criticised facilities, saying the event will need to have been delayed until June.

Equatorial Guinea is staging the tournament at short notice because Morocco was stripped on the right in November.

Morocco was reluctant to host the three-week event as a consequence of health fears adopting the Ebola outbreak.

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Congo, who play Equatorial Guinea of their opening game on Saturday, are operating out of the main harbour capital of scotland- Bata.

“There are not enough places for my staff and it’s even difficult to get rooms for your players,” Le Roy told the fifa World Service.

“The electricity is terrible, things are all exposed. I desired to wash my hands. There was no water.

“Most of my assistants went around to determine if there were rooms available somewhere but it really seems very very difficult.”
Le Roy said Congo hadn’t received any the help of the Confederation of African Football (Caf), adding that his party had arrived each day before we were holding officially due to since they expected organisational problems.

“I am not saying disappointed, that maybe what I had been expecting,” he added, when inquired about his side’s accommodation.

“I don’t want a large five-star hotel. One of the better something very clean.”
Le Roy said he had told the players to make sure they qualify for the last eight so they really will get a “great hotel” when other teams leave.

Put asserted a      number of his players were feeling unwell and angry after their disrupted preparation.

He added that “time was short to organise a tournament this way”, although Equatorial Guinea acted as co-hosts on the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with Gabon.

Delaying the finals would also  wrt56fcgsd     cause a problem above the relieve players, given the agreement Caf have with Fifa is for a window spanning January and February.

The tournament starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday, 8 February.