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Runescape F2P Hiscores FAQ

Q: Will we get a way to “hide” ourselves on the HiScores, or keep the viewing as private/friends only (like in our Adventurer Logs)? Mod Rascasse: We have no plans to do this, the Hiscores are intended to be a table of all players who are active in RuneScape. Allowing players to hide themselves would… (read more)

RuneScape Road Trip – Starts May 1st

Get ready for a Runescape 3 Gold Road Trip! From 1st May 2014, 1am BST, you’ll have a whole month to complete 20 special tasks, earning XP aplenty, a hiker’s outfit and a cheeky monkey pet. Each weekend, there’ll be an awesome bonus event, giving increased XP, drops, minigame rewards and more – plus, there’ll be… (read more)

Runescape: Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen

Runescape: Montage errechnet Bild des durchschnittlichen Spielers Runescape-Entwickler Jagex wollte wissen, wie der durchschnittliche Spieler ihres Online-Rollenspiels aussieht – und griff dabei laut einem Artikel der pressetext Nachrichtenagentur zu einem ungewöhnlichen Mittel. Fotograf Chris Dorley-Brown hat eine Montage erstellt, die über 2.000 von ihm aufgenommene Einzelbilder britischer User kombiniert. Da männliche und weibliche Teilnehmer durcheinandergewürfelt… (read more)

Colored Your Writing in numerous Runescape Versions

Perhaps you have speak to other players or other people in Cheap Runescape Goldworld? Many of them can send words in color or flash. Within RuneScape2 and RuneScape Classic, it’s possible to affect the color or effect of your respective text. With a large number of online participants roaming the land, it is usually challenging… (read more)