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Developer Jagex announced today, its free large Cosplay Webpage game “RuneScape 3″ officially launched, and announced the state launch trailer.

A huge role from the research and progression of Jagex play Webpage Game “RuneScape” since its launch in 2001, to enrich the sport and exploration, bunch of resources, processing, task, PVP festivals and activities by the broad masses of gamer welcome, especially Europe and also the player, rrt had been in 2008 Buy Rs Gold¬†August by playing game Guinness world records as being the game player how many free massively multiplayer online role. Jagex says, “RuneScape 3″ symbolizes the beginning of the battle of Lumbridge (Lumbridge could be the game player starts the overall game place), and gamer behavior will reshape the concept of RuneScape games in the future, “3 elements” originally “RuneScape RuneScape” popular could keep and strengthen.

Jagex says, “RuneScape 3″ will lead the sport player in the medieval phantasy world, join the massive online adventure gamer, is going to be holding a medieval weapons, magic, to fight the dragon and the magician, and experience the epic mission, improve personal skills, or perhaps with friends have fun with the game world. “Getting referrals” RuneScape 3 free of charge 3D role, can support your client and Webpage end double end version, the action has many mini adventure game, tens of thousands of every kind of skills.

“RuneScape 3″ executive producer Phil Mansell said, “RuneScape 3″ would be the game player oriented content, rich story, play, in order to meet the brand new generation of gamer, these Cheap Rs Gold¬†were struggling to hold oneself returning to write new chapter RuneScape game epic saga.