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“The Shakhtar players are ok, fortunately,” he was quoted saying. “They have all been relocated to Kiev, so they weren’t directly embroiled in  Buy Fifa 15 Coins the fighting. In Kiev, these are leastways able to keep train. In reality, these are concered about what on earth is happening back home.”

With everything else taking in Ukraine at this time, all the problems we’re having, this needs to be just like a release for the players.

Oleksandr Petrakov

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If Petrakov will get one source of security in these trying times, it’s that his team qualified achievable Zealand 2015 against this same backdrop of upheaval and uncertainty.

England were one of the teams seen off that could the UEFA U-19 Championship, a tournament through which Ukraine lost just the once – to eventual winners Germany.

Adversity, it seemed, bred unity in Petrakov’s side, and it’s also the 57-year-old’s hope that this again proves the truth in May and June. His cause has been helped, he believes, by a draw that pitted his side against Myanmar, USA and also a New Zealand side against whom they’re going to contest the tournament’s eagerly anticipated curtain-raiser.